The OSKA promise

OSKA is fully committed to minimising activities in order to protect our environment and reduce risk and impact on the increasing climate emergency.


We understand the importance of balancing design and service with ethical and environmental policies. Everyone plays a part in caring for the environment and by ensuring our timber is responsibly sourced and suitably certified we are continuing to support good forest management. We are committed to minimising the activities which potentially place risk on our environment and strive to promote the development of sustainability by continuous improvements.


OSKA is fully committed to lowering our carbon footprint which is why, as well as offering a mattress recycling service, where possible we will transport mattresses either rolled or vacuum packed. Not only does this reduce space on our delivery trucks, it means we all contribute to lessening the impact on the planet.

Mattress Recycling

OSKA’s mattress recycling programme ensures a sustainable solution to help lower your carbon footprint. Each year 167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill across the UK and that’s not something we are willing to ignore. With climate change high on our list of priorities, we are working with an established and trusted partner to divert, recycle and re-purpose mattress materials not only to create a sustainable and circular economy for mattresses and their component parts, but also to help our clients offset their carbon footprint.

Quality Standards

As part of our commitment to testing standards and quality management, our products are independently tested and manufactured in accordance with recognised British and European Standards.

Certification & Accreditation

Our commitment to environmental and quality certification and accreditation ideals is demonstrated in our ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 awards.