Case Studies

Ashlands Manor implement OSKA range of pressure care mattresses, ensuring resident care pathways

Cath Fairhurst, Chief Operating Officer at Newcare

Ashlands Manor is extra special – when you enter the home there is a beautful culture for residents, their families and professional visitors. As a 57 bedded care centre and to date they have no acquired pressure ulcers. When looking at the provision of pressure care mattresses, Ashlands Manor looked at the OSKA products, as well as other products. Driving their decision making they were looking to achieve a number of outcomes:

  1. comfort
  2. clinical outcomes
  3. cost effectiveness

Watch the video to find out more:

Cath Fairhurst, COO Newcare

The feedback we got from residents when we did the trial was that OSKA mattresses are particularly comfortable to sleep on. From a clinical perspective they met every requirement we had. We use the whole range of OSKA products because the mattresses are aligned to the needs of our residents. We have the Series1, Series2, Series4 and the Series 5 Lateral Tilt so that as our residents need change we change the solution for that particular person.

Cath Fairhurst, COO Newcare