Eleganza 1

Hospital bed.

The Eleganza 1 bed is designed for the hospital ward and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of features and functions delivered at a low cost, providing customers with great value for money. as a result, this bed has above-standard features and sophisticated functions available to a large variety of customers.



  • Ergoframe® against pressure ulcers
  • Easy mobilisation
  • Available with a number f controls
  • Easy Clean concept
  • Safety features such as the extender or protector
  • 5th castor for easy bed manoeuvrability
  • Low TCO
  • Universal bed for a low price
  • Overload protection
  • Robust construction
  • Plastic mattress platform


Outer dimensions (side rails up): 220 (225)cmx99cm
Mattress platform contraction/extension: 0cm–15cm
Recommended mattress size:  200cmx90cmx14cm
Max. mattress height: 16 cm
Electric height adjustment: 37–73.5cm (39.5–76.8cm with 150mm cast)
Maximum backrest angle: 70°
Maximum thigh rest angle: 34°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position: +15°/-15°
Ergoframe: 10 + 6cm
Height of single collapsible side rails (above mattress platform): 39cm
Under bed clearance min: 16cm
Weight (basic equipment): 135kg
Safe working load: 185-250kg
Max. lifting pole load: 75kg
Max patient weight: 185kg



Features and benefits

cardiac chair.jpg

Cardiac chair function

The Cardiac Chair position can be adjusted using a single button to maximize respiratory function and cardiac output.


The safe - Protector

For a higher level of patient protection, the nurse can equip the bed with an independant protector and extension. The protector will lock the side rail in the 'up' position automatically.

stand up.jpg

Stand-up handle

This handle serves as a fixed and stable support for the client when standing up from the bed. The handle makes the work of the healthcare staff easier and will actively support the client increasing their independence.


Comfort for the tallest of patients

Bed extension up to 15cm. To maintain comfort for all patients, the standard width of the mattress platform is 90cm and allows for a 15cm length extension.

roomscene website.jpg

Falls protection



The Protector will give all round protection of the mattress platform. It is positioned in the foot end of the bed and is linked to the single collapsible side rail, both in terms of dimensions and design. The Protector may be suitable for patients who have an increased risk of falling.



Excellent ergonomic controls



In addition to the standard control functions, the supervisor control panel provides the caregiver with function locks and a useful, one button function cardiac chair position



This control panel is attached to a fl exible arm and is always within the client’s reach. It is designed with large control function symbols with clear contrasting colours making it easier for the elderly and visually impaired client group.


The ergonomic hand control has an LED light suitable to enable the client to read or access items in the dark. The illuminated key pad makes accessing the buttons at night very simple.

image 2.jpg


Highest level of comfort

Standard bed

Standard bed

Bed with Ergoframe®

Bed with Ergoframe®


There is a high risk of pressure ulcers in elderly patients who are confined to bed for long periods of time. Many of these pressure ulcers can be avoided by implementing preventative measures such as regular repositioning and appropriate medical devices. For example, a mattress platform with Ergoframe. with a carefully chosen passive or active pressure mattress system. The Ergoframe. system widens the space in the pelvic region by 16 cm reducing the pressure on the skin in this high risk area.



Ergonomic side rail

e1 ergo.jpg



An innovative mechanism makes it possible to release and position the side rails by simply using one hand. This control is very ergonomic and fast and the client can operate the side rails after instruction. This operation can support the mobilisation and independence of the client contributing to an increased sense of wellbeing.


The side rails collapse alongside the mattress. To release and collapse the side rail, simply grasp the handle using one hand and push the entire side rail in the direction of the client‘s head Secondly, press the release button and smoothly lower the side rail to the dropped position.

E1 handrail.jpg


The main advantages of full-length side rails are:

– Increased safety of the patient by protecting the entire length of the mattress platform.

– The option to set the side rails in an intermediate position.

– A homely and comfortable design. The aluminium bed end columns guide the side rails in a vertical direction while providing them with rigidity and the strength necessary to protect the client from a potential fall. Suitable for heavier patients up to a weight of 185 kg.



Wood finishes

Royal maple

Royal maple

White beech

White beech

Planked beech

Planked beech

Alder golden red

Alder golden red

Precious cherry

Precious cherry

Standard walnut

Standard walnut

Havana cherry

Havana cherry