Eleganza 2

Advanced hospital bed.

The Eleganza 2 pushes the boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship and design. It is the first bed of its kind, and so defines the genuinely modern bed. It contains all sophisticated functions, including “smart” properties and is also accessible for the broad spectrum of healthcare. The Eleganza 2 is a practical and beautiful bed. Thanks to its properties it meets all the needs of each hospital ward. 

The Eleganza 2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier, and thanks to its modern design it shifts the perception of the care provided to a far higher level.



  • Support for mobilisation
  • Auto-regression
  • Switchable illumination
  • Safety monitor
  • 30 degree automatic stop
  • Safe position signalisation
  • Ergonomically friendly
  • Mobi-lift® 
  • Mobilisation benefits
  • Unique handrail
  • Cost-saving and reduced fall risk
  • 4SAFE® side rails
  • Patented liquid-filled angle indicators
  • Brake alarm
  • Junior kit
  • Flexible setting
  • X-ray backrest
  • Nurse call
  • 5th castor


External dimensions: 223x99.5cm
Bed extension: 32cm
Bed Height (Hi-Lo adjustment): 39.5 - 77.5cm
Internal dimension / (compatible with mattress width): 200x90cm / (90 and 86cm)
Max. mattress height with blow moulded mattress platform: Split siderails 14cm
Collapsible side rails 12cm + 10cm extender
Max. mattress height with flat ABS mattress covers: Split siderails 18cm
Collapsible side rails 16cm + 10cm extender
Height of split plastic side rails: 40.5cm
Bed weight: 156 kg
SWL – Safe Working Load: 250kg
Max. Patient weight: 185kg
Autoregression: 11cm
Maximum Backrest Angle: 64°
Maximum Thigh Rest Angle: 32°
Calf rest angle: 15°
TR/ATR angle: 16°/16°
Lifting pole bearing capacity: 75kg
Clearance of undercarriage: 15cm


Features and benefits


Pioneering mobilisation

More than 30% of patients falls occur when they are getting out of bed. A detailed study of ergonomics has given rise to a handrail and integrated mobilift, thanks to which the patient gains assurance when getting up, he regains independence faster, and demanding work is made easier for medical personnel.

handy box.jpg

Universal handy box

Box for eyeglasses, television remote control or telephone at virtually any point of side rails with ease. So a patient always has all his small items within reach, and this makes it the most pleasant space for him.


Unique mobi-lift

Uniquely, the Mobi-Lift has been integrated into the head side rails of the eleganza 2. This allows the patient to adjust the height of the mattress plattform according to his indivdual needs without using the safe grip on the side rails.

mattress platform website.jpg

Plastic mattress platform

The 90cm mattress platform of the eleganza 2 bed has been adapted to specific hospital conditions so that it can offer the greatest comfort for the patient.

The specially designed ventilation channels allow air to circulate under the mattress and so cool it and reduce moisture. The mattress platform is made of light blow moulded plastic parts which allows an easy cleaning and disinfection.

safe concept website.jpg

Safe concept

Falls from a bed or injuries pose a great problem for medical facilities. The side rails guarantee a high level of protection against falls making the Eleganza 2 a bed with the highest possible safety level. 


Automatic halting of backrest at 30°

Practical automatic stop of backrest at the most frequently used angle of 30°. Operation is easy – during positioning the backrest automatically stops at 30°. This function covers one of the most basic standards in healthcare.

indicator website.jpg

Indicator of safe position

At night the change in backlighting to green can represent a highly intuitive and clear signaling of the lowest safe position of the bed.


Fixed adaptors in corners

The adaptors for lifting poles and infusion stands are located practically at the corners of the bed. Thanks to this they are easily accessible and also do not obstruct the patient.

roomscene website.jpg

Practical details

E2 points.jpg

1. Foot controls

Practical foot controls for the easy handling of patients

2. Horizontal corner bumpers

protect the bed

3. Mattress platform

The easily removable and cleanable mattress platform is compatible with 86 or 90cm mattresses

4. Linen shelf

may also be used to store the supervisor panel

5. Mechanical CPR

Additional option to electrical CPR for urgent use



Easy control



When positioned the backrest stops automatically at the most commonly used position of 30°.


Depending on the circumstances, all bed lights can be switched off – night light, backlit angle indicators, control handset and integrated side rail controls.

cardiac chair.jpg


Position for easier breathing, or for drainage. Patients can also use it in routine daily activities such as for reading or eating. It can be set with the push of one button.


Pressing the ‘GO’ button activates the control panel for a period of up to 3 minutes from the last push. The controls are therefore locked during periods of inactivity and cannot be accidentally activated.



Easy care

5th castor.jpg


Thanks to the 5th castor in the middle of undercarriage the bed has easier manoeuvrability in very narrow corridors.

mattress platform.jpg


The mattress platform consists of blow-moulded plastic parts and is very easy to clean. The grooves along the circumference of the mattress platform trap and direct the drainage of liquid, which would otherwise remain under the mattress. In addition, the mattress platform helps to provide better air circulation for mattresses.



The special shape of the handrail allows ergonomic handling of the bed by all nursing staff regardless of height. The ability to grasp the handrail vertically is also ideal for bed rotation.

nurse call.jpg


Thanks to the Nurse Call button, built into the side rail, the patient can call a nurse for help immediately.



Patient comfort

flexible setting.jpg


The mattress platform width offers great comfort to all patients. Thanks to the built-in 32cm bed extension even taller patients will feel very comfortable. If shortening the bed is required, it is possible to order smaller corner bumpers and the external dimension will be just 220cm.

child bed.jpg


The Eleganza 2 can be configured for patients from upwards of 90cm, perfect use for paediatric wards.



One significant aid in the fight against pressure ulcers is auto-regression of the mattress platform (increasing the space in the pelvic area by sliding the backrest an additional 11cm). The result is a reduction in pressure and shear forces, significant contributors to pressure ulcers.



Bed finishes







Zebra moka

Zebra moka



Pearl white

Pearl white







Dolphin grey

Dolphin grey

White maple

White maple

Natural beech

Natural beech

Frutier ambre

Frutier ambre