Latera thema

Lateral tilt bed with homely design.

Making the bed, patient hygiene and skin care, changing incontinence pads, post-operative drains - all of these procedures require the patient to be turned onto their sides. However, turning a patient onto their side in the traditional way can mean applying considerable physical exertion resulting in the risk of potential long term injuries. Therefore, we present the Latera Thema - an adjustable electric bed with a lateral tilt which assists with the turning of the patient using minimal physical exertion.

Lateral tilt can help prevent pressure ulcers.



  • 4-section ABS mattress platform

  • Auto-regression

  • CPR mechanical release for lowering backrest

  • Removable head and footboards with safety locks

  • Bed extension

  • Patient handset control

  • Supervisor control panel

  • Foot control for lateral tilt adjustment

  • Hi-Lo foot controls

  • Safety control with GO button

  • Battery backup with intelligent charger

  • Integrated linen shelf

  • 150mm diameter Tente castors central brake

  • Protective corner bumpers

  • Optional under bed night light

  • Lateral tilt

  • Mobi-lift®



External dimensions: 219 x 102.5 cm
Mattress platform dimensions: 200 x 86 cm
Maximum mattress height: 20 cm
Mattress platform height adjustment: 43–81cm
Maximum backrest angle: 60°
Maximum thigh rest angle: 46°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position: +16°/-16°
Autoregression of backrest: 11cm
Weight (depending on equipment): 160kg
Safe working load: 200kg



Features and benefits


Lateral tilt

The lateral tilt helps with the turning of the patient using the minimum of physical exertion, often with the assistance of just one nurse.


infection control

The column units and mattress platform covers etc. are construction features that play an important part in effective preventative measures in controlling the spread of hospital infections.

safe concept website.jpg

column unit

The column unit is patented. The bed's unique construction base provides great stability and guarantees continued functionality when loaded to 200 kg (safe working load).

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back rest autoregression

The autoregression of the mattress platform extends the pelvic area by 11cm contributing to the prevention of pressure ulcers whilst enhancing patient comfort.

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Practical details

bed points.jpg

1. Side guards

2. Control satellite*

3. Patient surface

4. Foot controls for lateral tilting*

5. Foot controls for height adjustment*(not shown)

6. 5th Castor* (not shown)

7. Movability and braking capacity

8. Lifting technology

9. Mobile supervisor



10 advantages of lateralisation


Ease of nursing care

1. Changing sheets /dressings

2. Skin care and general hygiene

3. Mobilisation (bed ingress and egress)

4. Transfer (to a bed, stretcher, transport chair)

Prevention and care

5. Dressing wounds

6. Bedsore prevention

7. Breathing more easily

8. Burns

9. Baby care

10. Receiving visitors

Safety and fall prevention


01 0-Position

  • Good access to the patient

  • No barrier when sitting on the edge of the bed

  • No panels lying on top of each other, so there is no risk of fingers getting trapped


02 Nursing position

  • (30% protection)

  • Combination of safety and good access to the patient for everyday nursing tasks

  • Can be lowered at head or foot end

  • Can be used as an aid for getting up


03 Safety position

  • (100% protection)

  • Full protection for the benefit of the patient at 42 cm safety height

  • Use of Universal and prophylaxis mattresses up to 20 cm in height

  • Telescopic panels enable use even in conjunction with the bed extension

  • Optimal drainage diversion possible

  • Quiet adjustment



Bed finishes







Pearl white

Pearl white







Dolphin grey

Dolphin grey

White maple

White maple

Natural beech

Natural beech

Frutier ambre

Frutier ambre

Zebra moka

Zebra moka