sentida 7-i

Intelligent nursing bed.

With sentida 7-i, not only does wissner-bosserhoff continue the success story of universal and low nursing beds, it also sets new standards in electronics and intelligent sensors, which had previously only been available for hospital beds. At the same time, the nursing home bed maintains the cosy design distinguishing all wissner-bosserhoff products.

Sentida 7-i is a nursing home bed which makes everyday life easier for both the nursing staff and residents with its sophisticated functions. It offers the highest degree of integrated intelligence with many innovative functions. Operation is intuitive and easy-to-understand, with interactive fittings completing the concept, which was designed for demanding nursing tasks to the highest of standards.



  • Patented 4-part side rail concept

  • 3-stop strategy

  • BiNetic patient surface

  • Integrated bed extension

  • Smart handset

  • Night light function option

  • Weight monitoring

  • Bed exit assistant

  • Safety sensor

  • Self-mobilisation with mobi-lift

  • Humidity assistant

  • Acute care package: for intensive and critical care (optional)


Safe working load: 250kg
Max. patient weight: 215kg
Outer dimensions: 208x106cm
Chassis design: Hybrid lifting column
Castors: Ø 50 mm double running castors. Fully covered castors
Brakes: 2-castor central braking system. One pedal brake for each axle
Movability: At every bed height


Features and benefits

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i weight monitoring

weight monitoring

Integrated weighing system makes laborious repositioning unnecessary

Fully automatic weight measurement facilitates documentation

Weekly and monthly overview for medical purposes

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i bed assist

Bed exit assist

  • Fall prevention thanks to the reliable weighing system-based bed exit system

  • Early-warning mode for fast response times

  • Flexible nurse call timing, connected night light

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i safety sensor

safety sensor

  • Braking assistant to reduce the risk of falls when the bed’s brakes are not engaged

  • Bed height assistant to help prevent falls from dangerous heights

  • Side guard assistant for full resident protection

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i mobi-lift

Self mobilization with Mobi-Lift®

Stimulating care at the highest level

Extendible Mobi handle with integrated height adjustment

Intelligent light concept helps the resident get to the bathroom at night

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i humidity assistant

Humidity assistant

Humidity sensor mat detects humidity in bed 

Well suited for residents with light incontinence

For improved continence and dignity of the resident

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i room scene

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i advantages

7 reasons to choose the sentida 7i

1. careboard®

LCD touchscreen for direct selection of safety-relevant buttons


Mobilisation aid with height adjustment


Improved and extended functionality with Illuminated display


Divided side guards, each adjustable in 4 different heights


Height adjustment for fall prevention, safe mobilisation and optimal nursing position


With double retraction: Real bedsore prevention – more than just Your benefit: Reduction of pelvic compression as well as friction and shearing forces due to leg rest retraction by 6 cm


Optionally, a night light can be integrated

Careboard® LCD Touchscreen

The comprehensive functionality of Sentida 7-i can be easily operated using CareBoard®. The 7” LCD touchscreen enables the nursing staff to organise the various functions in clear menus in order to facilitate everyday nursing care for the user.

Clearly structured LCD touchscreen for easy and intuitive operation; without complicated menus and descriptions

Energy saving mode: automatic switch-off after 3 minutes

LED to monitor battery/power connection 

Allows all or individual functions to be locked

Promote mobilisation independence

When getting up, residents can pull out and use the mobilisation aid integrated into the bed side by themselves. Special feature: Mobi Lift® is equipped with an integrated function key for height adjustment of the bed. The nursing staff is relieved of strain concerning both autonomous and supported mobilisation.

Patient weight monitoring

The integrated weighing system supports the nursing staff during documentation, without the complicated use of a lifter. In addition to this, the weight chart, which is saved hourly and can be displayed in intervals of days, weeks and months, can improve medical care and also helps to draw conclusions concerning the dosage of medication or the assessment of lymphatic fluid accumulation in the legs.

Bed exit assistant 

An intelligent nursing home bed with an intelligent sensor system, which reliably helps reduce freedom-depriving measures day and night. It is equipped with an automatic night light, which is activated when the resident leaves the bed and is deactivated when the resident is back in bed again. Sentida 7-i is compatible with standard nurse call systems

Patient comfort

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i surface ergonomics

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i automatic positions

Patient surface ergonomics

The ergonomic division of the patient surface helps prevent pressure. The dimensions of the 4-part patient surface of wissner-bosserhoff nursing beds are based on findings from anthropometrics, i.e. on the average size and height of a person. On the basis of professor Eigler’s* findings, it can be seen that the backrest area should be at least 80cm long in order to effectively support the cervical spine. The bed can be extended to 220cm to help prevent the patients feet from touching the footboard.

Toes/ feet touching the footboard will often cause pressure ulcers.


2 automatic positions

The automatic positions of Sentida, adjustable at the push of a button, increase comfort when lying in bed and support bedsore prevention for the benefit of the resident while reducing the strain on nursing staff. 

Automatic seating position

The automatic comfort seating brings the bed into a pre-selected seating position for watching TV and reading comfortably, for eating or communicating at eye level. 

Mobilisation using the lifter is effectively supported in this position. In addition, this position facilitates breathing and digestion. It trains spatial orientation and stimulates circulation for residents, confined to bed. The double retraction provides additional relief of pressure in the sacral area. 

Automatic comfort position

The preset legs up position promotes decongestion with venous diseases and at the same time supports bedsore prevention. The 1/2 Fowler 30° position with knee lifting guarantees a reduced bedsore risk* thanks to a favourable weight distribution in the sacral region, which is especially at risk of developing bedsores.

Pressure relief

Double retraction

Double retraction

No retraction

No retraction

Benefits of Bi-Netic Double Retraction

 Creates an extra 17cm in the bed

 Excellent for pressure relief and reduces shear forces

 Very comfortable and does not cramp the stomach

 Aids breathing

Double retraction effectively supports OSKA  pressure care mattresses and demonstrates that we should make use of all technical means at hand to improve pressure ulcer prevention.

Fall prevention


Fall prevention system

The siderails can be used in 3 ways depending on the risk assessment of the patient:

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i fall prevention

1.  Siderails up
2. Siderails down
3. Head end side rail up only. In the event of a fall, the patient would always slip out feet first and would often be prevented from rolling out of bed completely. This greatly reduces the risk of hip fractures and other injuries.

If a patient is attempting to get out of bed themselves, the elevated siderail at the head end assists them (as a hand rail) further reducing the risk of falling when trying to stand from a low bed.

Systematic fall prevention is of crucial importance in care for the elderly, making it an important quality feature of a nursing home. The consequences of falls are often very serious for elderly people and, in the worst case, even irreversible.

The fear of further falls is one of the most common psychological consequences. With the Sentida range of low nursing beds, wissner-bosserhoff has achieved a consequent and above all uncompromising implementation of the requirements of modern nursing care: maximum safety hand in hand with a cosy design.

Innovative solutions such as the 3-stop strategy and the patented SafeFree® side guard concept reduces falls, as well as the consequences associated with them.


3 stop strategy

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i 3 stop strategy


Fall prevention during sleeping phases.

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i 3 stop strategy


Safe mobilisation at chair height.

OSKA® Pressure Care Sentida 7i 3 stop strategy


Optimal nursing position.

Wood finishes

Lund Birch

Lund Birch

White Beech

White Beech

Steamed Beech

Steamed Beech

Precious Cherry

Precious Cherry

Lindberg Oak

Lindberg Oak

Havanna Cherry

Havanna Cherry

Cottage Pine

Cottage Pine

Stirling Oak

Stirling Oak

Suomi Pine Grey

Suomi Pine Grey

Suomi Pine Brown

Suomi Pine Brown

Volcano White

Volcano White