Chair fabrics which destroy Coronavirus.

Where residents are mobile, and well enough to be moved to a chair during the day, it is important that the chair not only supports the resident correctly but that the fabric minimises the risk of bacteria gathering.

All health care environments including hospices, care homes and hospitals take a practical approach to prevent infections causing harm to their patients and staff. Here at OSKA we understand these requirements which is why we offer a range of chair fabrics that offer anti microbial protection while providing pressure relief.

We always recommend using a VP (Vapour permeable) fabric for the inner part of the chair where the resident has most body contact with the material.  This fabric has very high pressure relieving qualities. It is a vapour permeable fabric which means no liquid will pass through however air can pass through to adapt to the persons seating position, ultimately making it more comfortable. Also the stretchy material will help relieve pressure on the bony prominences.

The range of fabrics we offer have a ‘Shield Plus™’ Range. This is an Anti-Microbial protection that attracts microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the Coronavirus) and destroys them upon contact. As well as the Coronavirus it is effective against the broadest possible spectrum of bacteria, including C-Diff Spore. This means that these fabrics will continue to offer protection against a host of infectious diseases long after Coronavirus has been defeated.

For the outer part of the chair, we understand that you want something that can be regularly cleaned and durable whilst, of course, fitting in with the aesthetics of your care environment and complimenting your chosen VP fabric.

Vinyl fabrics are ideal for inside arms/wings of the chairs as it is hard wearing and waterproof as well as being easy to clean. Our range of vinyl fabrics is quite extensive but we understand that designing a chair that is homely and fits with the aesthetics of your home is important.

With this in mind, we offer a range of fabrics that are far more versatile in terms of colours, textures and designs which can be introduced to the outside arms/wings. Generally, textured fabrics can provide small places for bacteria to grow and contaminate others. Our solution to this is a range of fabrics which are enticing and elegant with printed designs but are as smooth as possible with a textured effect.

To find out more about the fabrics we offer and how they can help with infection control, or for a full list of available fabrics please contact us.