Nothing is more important to us than our customers and their patients. We listen every day to their advice and feedback, and firmly believe that the ultimate endorsement of our products is their ability to change lives for the better. 




OSKA Series5-V4L Mattress

“We have had a great result using the lateral tilt mattress with a patient who has a spinal chord compression and lymphoedema who cannot lie on his side so is constantly on his bum sitting upright in bed or in his wheelchair. He had been on a different mattress since admission but as time was moving on and we were now weeks and weeks in with the constant pressure on his bum it had started to break down - I then made it a priority to get him on to one of the OSKA Series5-V4L lateral tilt mattresses asap and within 7 days we are seeing a huge improvement to his 3 broken areas which are being dressed daily and the surrounding skin is a much better colour! 

I am definitely asking if I can go ahead and order more for the ward as we are having such great results with them!”




ANNE NASH - St Christopher’s Hospice


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Sentida 6

The feedback from staff is that they like the spec of the pressure care bed we have. They find the adjustable movement buttons easy to use with the patients. They like the top and bottom safety barriers being separate. This means that they can leave the patient feeling safe when they are asleep etc. but without being restricted to the bed as they can still get out of bed if they have the ability to, with the bottom barriers being down. For our tall gentlemen this bed is ideal as we have frequently had to use the extendable section of the bed.

With the weight load being up to 225kg we have had some of our larger patients within the bed and haven’t had any problems with manoeuvrability or nursing the patient in the bed. The bed fits in well with the aesthetically pleasing room but also has enough spec to be able to clean easily and be in line with infection control standards.




I am now writing to thank you for taking such prompt action to supply three new chairs with excellent leg rests. 

My husband now has the use of these lovely new chairs and is so comfortable. Even the sores, caused by sitting all day, have very much improved.


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Thank you for the trial of the OSKA Series4-V4, I feel it went well. The patient trialling it has 2 unclassified pressure ulcers and very limited mobility. He was nursed in bed. 

The patient that trialled the mattress found it very comfortable. One of the unclassified ulcers is improving and the other is shrinking in size. He often declined repositioning which has led to trial the OSKA Series5-V4L mattress, this should ease the process of repositioning. 




We are currently having issues with the airflow mattresses as our residents are still getting pressure ulcers from them. 

George is one of our residents and is very contracted. He only sleeps on his right side and doesn’t like to be turned therefore the OSKA Series5-V4L was music to our ears. This mattress has automatic offloading capability and the only solution to offload pressure effectively for George. The two week trial meant that we could reduce our checks from every two hours to every four hours which has provided more care time for the staff. 

In addition – we have a lot of dementia patients who are mobile and walk into residents rooms and turn pumps off and change the settings consistently. This is a real nightmare for us and wastes a lot of time continually checking the pumps throughout the day. This has the added risk of CQC rating downgrade as it is a serious reduction in comfort for the resident if their mattress bottoms out and higher risk of pressure-ulcers forming from lying on the bedframe. So when we heard about the Series2-V2 pumpless mattress (for very high risk and treats category 1 and 2 pressure ulcers) this was an answer to key challenges we currently face and spend a lot of wasted time on. The Series2-V2 is also half the cost of an airflow mattress – which would represent significant savings for Care UK. 

The Series2-V2 is very different from what we currently have access to because it has some very valuable features. Firstly, it has a heel roll which has proven in reducing redness of the heels and can technically treat up to a category 4 pressure ulcer as it provides an environment of zero pressure. Secondly, it reduces risks significantly of death caused from a fire as it has a fire evacuation base incorporated into the mattress – as do all the mattresses in the OSKA range. This means that in the event of a fire we can reduce downtime transferring residents from the bed and don’t need to depend on the 1 fire evacuation sled in the home for all 30-40 residents. It also means we don’t need to spend any money on slide sheets. 

Another issue we currently face is the approximate 6 week lead time from requesting a mattress to receiving it – but we normally order a mattress when mattress fails, so really need the mattress same or next day to support the resident. OSKA provide a next day delivery service which sounds very attractive as they hold a large amount of stock. 

Overall, OSKA seem a great company to work with, with unique products and a fantastic service offering.




We plan to replace all our mattresses eventually with the OSKA Series5-V4L mattress. It has a really handy dual function which allows you to decide if you need a lateral tilt function for the patient or not. Over here we had problems, as when it was decided a patient needed lateral tilt due to pain or other symptoms on movement. It would often then be too distressing for the patient to be moved onto a different mattress. And I am sure you will agree we don’t always get enough info to make an informed decision regarding what their needs may be prior to the patient arriving! Feedback from patients has also been excellent. They report the mattress is very comfortable, much more like their mattress at home yet the pressure relief is fantastic, even off lateral tilt. We, actually had a lady here for end of life care, who had gross oedema, and we saw a great improvement in skin integrity, using this mattress. We have previously, had issues with earlier OSKA cirrus models so I was hesitant about using their products again but I have been very pleased with what we have seen, so thought I would share it with you. The mattress has a handy switch to turn lateral tilt on or off.



OSKA Mattresses

The Orders of St John Care Trust has been working with OSKA for the past year. This company was awarded a three-year Contract to supply pressure mattresses and other pressure care products by the Trust’s Equipment Group. The award was made because of OSKA's obvious commitment to care, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of pressure care issues in addition to supplying a wide range of superior pressure care products.

During the past year, OSKA has made a considerable effort to get to know our Care Homes and understand the types of pressure care management issues that arise from time to time. Attending Home Manager meetings, their representatives have demonstrated the equipment on contract, to ensure the Managers are fully cognisant of the range of products and their suitability for differing needs. They have been able to fulfil orders for pressure care products swiftly. I would recommend OSKA to you.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Severn Hospice Logo Testimonial


We had this mattress on trial for a period of 3-4 weeks January-February 2017. We had previously trialled lateral tilt equipment, but had experienced issues with them. We trialled the mattress on a female patient in her 70’s. She had been admitted for end of life care.

The patient had gross oedema and breathing difficulties. Pain and breathlessness were exacerbated by movement. On admission the patient presented with grade 1 pressure areas to both heels and to her sacrum. The mattress was very easy to set up and require no function settings for the lateral tilt function. This made it very easy for us to use. Once lateral tilt was selected, we did not have to think about this function thereafter. The tilt movement it provided was so subtle, the patient was not aware of it even happening nor were the staff who tried it before use. Movement was only visible from the bottom of the bed by those observing.

The cover was waterproof, breathable and easy to clean. Staff who tried the mattress reported it was very comfortable and the patient did indeed seem comfortable too. The patient’s pressure areas were maintained on this mattress, in fact they slightly improved, despite deteriorating health and nutrition. The lateral tilt function meant that the patient only had to be moved for skin inspection and care, thus limiting any discomfort she may have experienced.

I believe that the use of this mattress, for this particular patient, maintained a level of comfort and pressure relief not provided by the other mattresses we have used, allowing this lady a peaceful and dignified end to her life.




Debbie pegram - ST JOSEPH’S HOSPICE


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I feel this mattress is fantastic for someone who is being nursed at the end of their life. The reduction in pressure relief turns required means that the resident and their loved ones can cherish each and every moment, without having to step outside regularly to allow staff to turn the resident.

The mattress allows staff to assess and trust in the movement in pressure relief to prevent pressure areas deteriorating at the end of life. A product that will become our trustworthy end of life mattress!


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Marie Curie Logo Testimonial


We have 2 of the Regis chairs from OSKA and find them very valuable. Patients find them comfortable and the ability to recline the seating position helps patients who like to sit in a chair for prolonged periods of time have a level of pressure relief that other standard chairs do not allow.

These chairs also provide pressure relief for patients who are at very high risk/who have category 4 PU’s where other cushions are limited. As the pressure relieving cushion is built into the seat, the addition of pressure relieving cushions on top of these chairs are not required so the seating position of the patient is not altered – this promotes comfort and function.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Doctor Kershaw's Hospice Testimonial


We have had the OSKA Series 5-V4L lateral tilt mattress on loan for over a month now. On receiving the mattress a patient was chosen who was admitted with a grade 2 sacral pressure sore. The only position she could get comfortable was on her back, she was in a great deal of pain if she moved so spent most of her time on her back, sat up in bed.

The staff felt that her pressure ulcer would have deteriorated and become a higher grade, but this did not happen. The pressure ulcer improved whilst on the mattress.




Jennifer Boulton - Woodlands Care Centre


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Dorothy House Hospice Logo Testimonial


I was first made aware of this mattress at the Hospice UK Conference last November and a trial was agreed. On delivery full operational training was given to the staff on duty.

We undertook a successful trial on a patient who had difficulty lying in any position apart from sat upright. This was a lady who was often difficult to please and had found many other mattresses uncomfortable. We were thrilled that she was entirely happy with the lateral tilt and there was no deterioration in the status of her pressure areas. She ended up staying as an inpatient until her death.

As a result of this successful trial we purchased this mattress and have only had successful outcomes to date.

I believe this to be a superb mattress for patients who are unable to change position as it can be set to accommodate the patient’s particular requirements.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Series5-V4L mattress Testimonial


Both ourselves and the nursing home have found the mattress to be a great asset for our son Craig. He is sleeping more soundly with the motion of the mattress, his previous air mattress was more like a solid bed than an air mattress. His skin is in perfect condition with no sign of any pressure sores or reddening of any parts of his body. We would recommend this product to anyone.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Creggan Bahn Testimonial


The OSKA Series2-V2 mattress has recently been used with a client who had returned from hospital very frail.

The Service User was not enjoying the Air flow Mattress which had been used after hospital discharge due to an increase in Waterlow assessment and Category 1 pressure areas.

After 6 weeks the Service User has made a full recovery and her skin integrity has improved with the use of the OSKA Series2-V2. Overall we have had a very positive experience with the Mattress trial and the Service User has enjoyed a comfortable mattress.

I would definitely recommend other Services to trial these mattresses.




Cath Fairhurst - Ashlands Manor


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The gentleman had used an air mattress for some time and disliked it intensely. He found the pump noisy and the mattress uncomfortable. The gentleman agreed to trial an OSKA mattress but ‘didn’t have much hope’ that it would be any good.

The day after his first night sleeping on this, I walked on to the community and saw the gentleman sat in the dining area eating his breakfast. He beamed at me and gave me a thumbs up. I asked why he was looking so cheerful, he told me ‘my new bed, it’s good’. 

I asked him what he liked, he told me he didn’t really know, he just knew that it was comfortable and his old one wasn’t. I asked if he fancied keeping it - he told me I wasn’t taking it back! 

I checked in most mornings and got the same grin and thumbs up for at least 2 weeks afterward.

Complete success from his point of view and ours as an MDT as his skin is looking very healthy.


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We use the OSKA Lateral Tilt Mattress for patients admitted with existing pressure sores in order to prevent further skin breakdown and increase the likelihood of the wound healing. The mattress itself is easy to operate and when patients are commenced on this therapy mattress wounds show signs of improvement, increase in wound granulation and circulation. 

The mattress could not be used alone in my opinion. Patients still need a structured regime of nursing intervention and need to be given pressure relief through positional changes. In summary the mattress, combined with good nursing care, produces improvement in wound healing.

I found the mattress easy to operate. Its purpose is to prevent further breakdown and give constant pressure relief to patients with existing pressure sores. I have seen an improvement in wound healing when this mattress is used along with good nursing intervention.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Rowcroft Hospice Testimonial


We have 6 of these Regis chairs and are very pleased with them. The integral pressure relieving cushions mean we no longer need to store as many pressure cushions and that patients are not balancing on a cushion, raising them up slightly.

We have the option of using a dynamic pressure relieving cushion which is integral and gives better pressure relief, especially if a patient is sleeping in the chair.

The larger wheels and breaks make it much easier to secure the chair in one place and the handle on the back of the back rest means moving/repositioning the chair is very easy. We have been able to take patients outside, without having to get them in a wheelchair first.

Although ideally we would have liked a soft material over the whole chair, infection prevention advice is to have a cleanable surface. The chair is covered in such a way that part of it is of a soft material and the main patients contact areas can be easily wiped/cleaned.

Our physio colleagues are pleased with the dual motor design and integral pressure relieving cushions.

I would recommend these chairs.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Wirral Hospice Testimonial


We are using the mattress successfully at the moment on a patient who has pain in his joints and severe allodynia and numerous deep wounds on his body. He is really difficult to move and without the mattress it could take up to four staff to safely re-position him.

The mattress ensures he feels comfortable and safe and can be moved with two staff, with minimum painful turning.


OSKA® Pressure Care Experts _ Marie Curie Testimonial


The patient is largely unaware of the alternating tilt feature which is great as it avoids the feeling that they are going to fall which some other mattresses can cause.

The covers being easy to launder is another great advantage and means these can be changed as and when needed without worrying about supply issues. The mattress is easy to set up; functions are clear and controls are simple and easy to use.