A high comfort, gel topped, anatomical cushion with multi- bearing surface to provide superior levels of support and pressure relief.

A combination of 2 types of visco-elastic gel using a fluid gel for the sacrum area for maximum pressure relief and a reticulated gel for the lower pressure areas, for improved comfort.

For use as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 2. Supplied with vapour permeable cover for improved infection control and microclimate management.



Prevention rating: Medium to high risk
Treatment: Category 2
Type: Cushion


  • Anatomically shaped

  • Multi-bearing concept

  • Anti-slip base

  • Highly breathable cover

  • 40Kg/m3 HR Foam

  • Multi-bearing shape concept

  • High - Reticulation viscoelastic gel

  • 100% impermeable


Standard size: 42x42cm
Max. use: 110kg/17.2st