Anatomic moulded visco-elastic cushion with ergonomic insert. 

An extremely comfortable cushion offering outstanding pressure care and posture management. The high grade visco-elastic foam combined with the special ergonomic insert improves the positioning, stability and comfort of the user.

For use as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 2.

*Up to and including category 3 for sacral/coccyx with specialist clinical/TVN assessment. 

Comes with a vapour permeable cover for improved infection control and microclimate management.



Prevention rating: High to very high
Treatment: Category 2*
Type: Cushion


  • Visco-elastic foam

  • Ergonomic insert to improve positioning

  • Precisely moulds to the body ensuring maximum surface contact with the cushion

  • Better pressure distribution: reduction of transcutaneous pressures in the areas at high to very high risk and facilitates blood circulation

  • Improved comfort and stability of the patient

  • The skin effect of the moulded foam gives protection from tearing or crumbling

  • Complete with vapour permeable cover (waterproof)



Standard size: 42x42cm
Max use: 110kg/17.2st