Frequently asked questions

Product servicing & maintenance

How often should my equipment be serviced?

OSKA beds, mattresses and chairs need to be serviced annually by an OSKA approved engineer. Here at OSKA, we offer servicing and call out packages to ensure your mattresses and pumps are kept up to date with regulations. See all servicing and maintenance options here.

How do I get my equipment serviced?

OSKA products and equipment are serviced annually. OSKA offer a Servicing Partnership Agreement for all OSKA products, which includes this.

For more information, please call 02394 318318 or email.

What is the warranty period on my new equipment?

The warranty period for each of products is listed on the relevant product page.

What is covered under warranty?

If the product is within warranty and a manufactures fault is discovered, there will be no charge for the inspection or parts. Please note, this does not apply to conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

What parts on my equipment can be replaced?

Most parts can be replaced. If you require any replacement parts, please contact our servicing department.

My mattress pump is alarming with ‘low pressure’ indicated, what does this mean?

There may be a breach in the mattress. This can be caused by damage to a one-way valve inside the mattress. Check the mattress tubes and connectors for damage. If you find one of the connectors has been damaged, contact our servicing department who will be able to confirm which replacement valve is required.

In the event of power loss, is air maintained in my Series5 mattress?

Only temporarily. Air slowly seeps out through the pump and is lost. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on what “firmness” setting the product was in, and where in its cycle it was interrupted.

The solution: Disconnect the quick connector from the control unit. Press “transport” cap into place on connector until you hear a click, which confirms that the airlines are sealed. With the transport cap in place, all the air is sealed into the mattress permanently. This serves as a “transport” mode also.

Continued from above: do the cylinders equalise once the air has been sealed in?

Yes. With the air lines cross-connected via the transport cap, the air remaining in the system will equalise among all cylinders, levelling the patient.

NOTE: Disconnecting air lines at the mattress will also seal the air into the system permanently. However, using this method, the cylinders will NOT equalise unless the “alternate / rotate” switch is flipped following power loss. Flipping this switch redirects air in the four cylinders, allowing them to equalise.

If the cover did breach on the on the OSKA Series2, can I just replace the top foam?

Yes. You do not need to replace the whole mattress, you can just replace the top foam.

I’m worried about the foam in the mattress, we have had horrendous problems with foam in the past getting stained etc. How do you overcome this with your mattresses?

Our covers are ingress resistant. Tested to 52 weeks with the jungle test against the industry standard of 2 weeks. We also offer full decontamination of the foam, so you don’t have to purchase a new cartridge.

Customer Services

Can I wash my V-GUARD technology mattress cover?

Yes. The OSKA V-GUARD covers can be washed up to 95°C. Tumble dry or, for best performance and lifespan, drip dry.

How can I get rid of odour in my foam mattress?

The biggest drawback of having a foam mattress is keeping it clean and odour free. Mattresses get a lot of use and are exposed to numerous elements which, in clinical environments are often unavoidable, and can contribute to odour build up. There are several steps you can take to help eradicate existing odours and also ways to prevent them from happening. Read more here.

How fast can you deliver?

Next day as standard or use our same day platinum delivery which enables homes to accept admissions. Dependent on availability, prices may vary.

What is the delivery time on chairs?

4-6 weeks on all chairs as they are made bespoke, however we do have an ex-demo fleet for purchase should you require these sooner.

What is ingress?

Ingress often occurs when mattress covers have become worn and start to leak due to:

  • Strong cleaning chemicals breaking down the material over time
  • Snagging from fingernails, buckles etc
  • Piecing from sharp objects

Mattresses are medical devices and covers must be protected from coming into contact with sharp objects.


Which Frameworks has OSKA been awarded?

We are delighted to have been awarded the following major frameworks:

  • Available through NHS Supply Chain: NHS England – 2020/S 129-318007;  NHS Scotland – NP564-18
  • Official Journal of the European Union reference: 2021-535371
  • NHS SBS contract reference number: SBS10015
  • Beds, Mattresses, Patient Handling Supplies and Services “Framework Agreement”
  • FTS Reference Number 2021-043345
  • The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) (PCR2015)

Where can I view product information?

All our product information can be found at If you require additional information on any of our products, call us on 02394 318 318 or contact us.

Where can I find user manuals for my equipment?

If you require a manual, please contact our Customer Service team on 02394 318318 or contact us.

Where can I find testimonials on your products?

Click here to read testimonials from some of our happy customers.

I am really pleased with my recent purchase from OSKA and would like to provide a testimonial. How can I do this?

We love to hear how our products have helped you and your residents and/or patients.

If you wish to send us a testimonial, please email it to us. Don’t worry, we will always ask for your permission before we use it within our marketing.

I don’t know that I want to commit to a new chair? Can I trial one for a bit to see if it works for us?

Absolutely! For more information on trialling our products get in touch with us on 02394 318318 or contact us.

Do you offer fabrics for your seating range that is good for infection control?

Yes. When choosing a fabric for your chair, you will now have an option to choose from the Shield Plus™ Range. They have an anti-microbial protection that attracts microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the Coronavirus) and destroys them upon contact.

As well as the Coronavirus it is effective against the broadest possible spectrum of bacteria, including C-Diff Spore. This means that the use of Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial protection will continue to offer protection against a host of infectious diseases long after Coronavirus has been defeated.

How do I use a mattress extender?

Pull out the bed extension and pull the mattress to the bottom of the bed. Place the mattress extender at the head end of the bed.

Do not place it at the foot end of the bed.

Can we create bespoke size mattresses for our customers?

Yes, we are able to create most bespoke sized mattresses, the lead time for which is around 5 – 6 weeks. Please contact us to find out more.

Are OSKA pressure care mattresses waterproof?

Yes. Our V-GUARD technology mattress covers are water penetration resistant up to 5m.

What depth are your mattresses? Are they compliant with BS EN 60601-2-52:2010?

The OSKA pressure care mattresses vary in depths but the OSKA Series2 has a depth of 14cm which fits the majority of beds and caters up to Very High Risk and Treatment to Category 2 (catering for 85% of needs in most care Long Term Care settings).

For more information on this please contact us.


I have recently purchased some OSKA Series5 mattresses, but my staff need to be trained on when and how to use them. Is this something you offer?

Of course! We are happy to arrange training with your team whether it be face to face or via a video. Whatever works best for you. Contact us about Training.

Can you provide training on your pressure care mattresses as our staff don’t know how to set them up?

Yes. We have training videos on most of our mattresses which we can send to you for you to show to your staff. If you require additional training or support, please contact us on 02394 318318 or contact us.

What pressure care Training packages do you offer?

Delivered by our Tissue Viability Nurses and CQC Specialist Advisors, these training packages will always reflect the most current information and practices. Visit our Training page to see more.

Pressure Care Prevention

This comprehensive 2-hour session gives a good understanding of pressure ulcers, pressure care and the tools that support it. It includes the basic anatomy and physiology of pressure ulcers; grading; grey areas; Root Cause Analysis (RCA); SSKIN principles, and care planning.

Pressure Care Prevention and Treatment

This session builds on the 2-hour Prevention training and goes further to include the different elements of pressure ulcer treatment. We look at: basic wound care treatment, wound management guidelines, dressing types and clinical indications for use. We also learn about grading pressure ulcers, and appropriate pressure relieving equipment.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Over half a day, we look at why we investigate, what and who it involves, and how to gather information. We discuss the history of RCAs and how to use the RCA findings to inform actions and future practice — including how to make this sustainable in the climate of change.

Full aSSKINg Bundle & Audit, Quality Improvement Partnership Package 

We provide Tissue Viability Nurse/Champion support to launch and implement the aSSKINg bundle. All documentation can be used or embedded into your own documentation, including: aSSKINg checklist; food/fluid balance; reposition chart; and safety cross audit tool. Full training will be given to staff prior to launch and on launch day.