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How was the OSKA Emergency Acute Bed designed for the NHS Nightingale Hospitals?

It was paramount that the design of the EAB was right for supporting the patients and the staff at the NHS Nightingale Hospitals. They were jointly designed with leading NHS Clinicians and are CE Marked and MDR registered. These beds had to feature certain factors in order to be comfortable for the patient and practical for the carer.

4 part profiling

Electric 4 part profiling improves patient positioning and additional support for the carer. Pressure ulcers can quickly occur if a person is left in the same position for too long. Electrically operated profiling makes it much easier for patients to be moved, limiting the amount of pressure placed on one area of their body as well as improving circulation.

Removable head and foot boards

Having the option to remove the head and foot boards can provide more flexibility to the staff. Care staff can access patients easier when carrying out nursing tasks and CPR can be administered quickly and easily.

Collapsible side rails

The side rails can be removed for ease of access and can support the mobilisation and independence of the patient.

Compatible with dynamic air and foam mattresses

The mattress platform is compatible with dynamic air and foam mattresses which enables patients to utilise a pressure relieving mattress which will contribute to the healing and recovery process and provide maximum comfort.

Easy clean

Infection control is vital in any care situation so being able to easily clean the bed is paramount. This bed can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a standard healthcare detergent.

Simple assembly

Easily assemble the bed without the need for tools. Bolts and fixings can be tightened by hand.

Removable iv pole on head end and catheter hooks

IV poles and catheter hooks means these beds can cater for a wider range of patients and provide more functionality.

Adjustable height

Adjustable bed height helps staff to care for patients and provides ease for the patient when exiting the bed. 

These beds have been designed in collaboration with the UK National health service in direct response to the global Coronavirus pandemic and is intended for use in these specific circumstances.

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