Meet the family

Meet the family

Meet the family...

Care environments deserve to be graced with character and personality, they need this to reflect the character of each individual resident that ends up occupying your home. Your residents have their own history. Each of them has made an impact to the world in their own little (or big) way to the world; let alone the impact that they have made to others that they have met along their journey, so why should it stop here?

The Oska Modern Vintage family are eager to care and listen to those that have given so much throughout their lives back to residents what they have given others throughout their lives. Alice, Ophelia and Eleanor cannot wait to be introduced to your residents and start providing great levels of care and comfort.

They are very easy on the eye for those that are looking to create a homely, family feel in their care environment that will bring added comfort to your residents, resident’s families and care staff. A care home or hospice may see an assorted variety of different personalities over a short space of time, which can often result in many different tastes and varied opinions. Alice, Ophelia and Eleanor each have their own individual personalities and qualities that make them very popular among different personalities.



Alice is sleek and noble.
Many of her personal qualities
make her an upstanding chair.


Ophelia likes to help, she may be
the youngest looking but don’t
underestimate her gentle touch.

Pressure care chair Eleanor


Eleanor is compassionate about
others. She will get to know you and understand the pains you face.

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