Help my resident get in and out of bed


What can help my resident get in and out of bed?

Getting into, and out of a care bed safely can be a stressful time for any resident, and can even cause unease for members of care staff.

That is why any assistance and support that they can both receive goes a very long way in a care environment.

Getting out of bed requires will power (on most days)- even for those of us who are physically able, but for those without the physical strength, the situation is amplified due to the strength and flexibility needed in the different parts of the body.

If you are are struggling with your elderly patient getting in and out of bed, here are some points to consider below.

You could use…

Bed Blocks:

You can place the block either side of your resident, then they can place their hands upon the block and use it to raise themselves up, or adjust their position on the bed.

Cons: There is risk of the blocks slipping out if not secured properly


Bed ladder:

Enables a person to help raise themselves into a sitting position. A piece of rope is attached to the end of the bed frame and then relies on the patient to pull themselves forward.

Cons: The resident may not have enough strength to do this, they could potentially risk other injury from doing so.


Leg Lifters: 

These are a manual device that is strapped around the legs and then can be pulled or raised.

Cons: This leaves the patient vulnerable as it could encourage patient shearing or injury.



Look for a bed with…

Adjustable height: 

The height of the bed plays a key role of helping your resident out or in. If the bed is at the wrong height, there is an increased risk involved.

Mobilisation aids/ sides: 

The bed would have adjustable sides that can be used as a mobilisation aid. The resident can use the side (similar to the bed blocks) but be reassured that the sides can take the pressure you apply to them.


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