Welcome to OSKA™

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New name, same mission. Changing lives™.

As of 08/09/2017, we say goodbye to the Lynas Foster name that we have held for so many years. This is due to our evolution in the industry, it’s not that we have changed the type of products we supply, we still deal with pressure care solutions. It’s because we have a whole new range of pressure care/ nursing solutions that inspired the use of the OSKA™ name and meant we could continue to help you to keep changing lives™.

OSKA™ is a name that we have held for many years but it is at this point that we are truly ready to make a difference. For years we have been working with ideas we have had from many of the nurses and clinical staff at hospices, hospitals and other care facilities across the UK. You all have helped shape our direction as a company but most of all our range of products.

On Monday 8th May, the brand new OSKA™ site launched which hosts our carefully tried and tested innovative OSKA™ pressure care solutions.

The OSKA™ team celebrated the launch and the new direction of the company, in a bid to work with you to help change people’s lives.

The new product catalogue shall be landing soon and we have started taking pre-orders.


Pre-order the new OSKA™ catalogue below.

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