Have you heard of SSKIN?

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It stands for... 

Skin inspection Surface Keep moving Incontinence Nutrition


It has been used... 

in the NHS increasingly since 2011 as a gold standard pressure ulcer prevention care plan. 

This can be adapted and used in long term care settings too. Here at OSKA I have adapted it for long term care settings so contact me if you would like more information.


Each week I will go through each element

of the SSKIN principles and the role it

plays in preventing pressure ulcers.

This week 'Skin inspection'...


Skin inspection... 

For the at risk a pressure ulcer can develop in minutes and can continue to develop extending down to the muscle or bone if not detected and treated. It is vital to be able to detect early pressure damage and ‘offload’ the area, identifying potential causes of the pressure.. Identifying early damage can be done by embedding regular skin inspection in your care planning, using the blanching v non/blanching technique and training all staff on pressure ulcer prevention.

And remember to check all pressure areas not just heel and sacrum! 


If you need clinical advice feel free to contact me here at OSKA™.