S is for 'Surface'

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Carrying on from our SSKIN blog, this week it’s ‘Surface’.

It is vital to remember that the pressure cushion or mattress can not prevent or heal pressure ulcers alone. It is just one aspect of the SSKIN approach and requires a holistic assessment. What your resident requires as equipment cannot be defined from the waterlow or braden score alone. With that in mind and with so much available it can be difficult to know what equipment to choose. 

See page 27 from the European pressure ulcer advisory panel guidelines (EPUAP) ‘Quick Guide’ for guidance. 

Chair cushion selection can be particularly tricky as many can raise the height of the chair rendering a falls and shear risk. The gold standard would be to have a chair with built in pressure relief. Check out the OSKA™ seating range on the OSKA™ website: oska.uk.com

The heel is the second most common site pressure ulcer site. Understanding the anatomy can improve prevention and treatment strategies and product selection for off-loading. Patient safe handling requires staff education for proper device selection of equipment not only to protect themselves but also the patient.

Look on our website for the OSKA™ mattresses with inbuilt heel slope.

If you need clinical advice as to what the best type of equipment would be for your resident feel free to contact me here at OSKA™.