A testimonial on the OSKA™ Regis


"I would recommend these chairs.

We have 6 of these Regis chairs and are very pleased with them. The integral pressure relieving cushions mean we no longer need to store as many pressure cushions and that patients are not balancing on a cushion, raising them up slightly.

We have the option of using a dynamic pressure relieving cushion which is integral and gives better pressure relief, especially if a patient is sleeping in the chair.

The larger wheels and breaks make it much easier to secure the chair in one place and the handle on the back of the back rest means moving/repositioning the chair is very easy. We have been able to take patients outside, without having to get them in a wheelchair first.

Although ideally we would have liked a soft material over the whole chair, infection prevention advice is to have a cleanable surface. The chair is covered in such a way that part of it is of a soft material and the main patients contact areas can be easily wiped/cleaned.

Our physio colleagues are pleased with the dual motor design and integral pressure relieving cushions.

I would recommend these chairs.


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