How important is posture?


Good posture is extremely important...

when it comes to care, it can have a number of benefits that can significantly increase your patients comfort.




Circulation and Digestion: 

It allows the bodies organs to retain their natural position without being compressed.






Breathing can become easier and deeper with the correct postural support.





Pressure care: 

Being slumped or sliding down in a chair can cause shearing which is where damage is caused to the skin and the layers underneath.




Spine and Back: 

It can help eliminate fatigue and back pains, making you feel and look better:  The correct posture can help with self confidence and holistic well-being.



How can the OSKA™ Regis help?

Ensuring good posture has many clinical benefits and choosing the right cushion is important. 

Our OSKA™ Regis waterfall cushions can help by supporting the natural curves of your back and for added side support opt for the lateral cushion to keep you from leaning over to one side.



Keep an eye on our blog for more on the OSKA™ Regis Chair (including what some of our customers think of it) plus videos and offers