International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2018


Pressure ulcers can affect anyone from newborns to those at the end of life. They can cause significant pain and distress for patients. They can contribute to longer stays in hospital, increasing the risk of complications, including infection and they also cost the NHS in the region of more than £1.4 million every day. And most are preventable. 

In support of International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, here at OSKA we are working towards increasing awareness of pressure ulcers and how to prevent them.



The OSKA team supporting International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day.

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In support of International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day we are giving you the chance to win a £30 Amazon voucher!

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“We are all as passionate as one another. If we can change one life today, we’ve done our duty. Of course, as a rule, we change lives everyday. Just today is rather special.”

- Ben Woodcock, Director

ASK OSKA for more information on preventing and treating pressure ulcers.


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