Introducing the Series6-V4 hybrid mattress



Hybrid mattress. Holistic therapy with superior comfort.

The OSKA™ Series6-V4 is a high specification alternating hybrid mattress which can operate in a powered and non powered mode suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 4. 

This product stands out in its capacity to ensure patient comfort to the highest level, creating the ability to holistically ensure the patients safety and wellbeing. Everything counts in a critical care application where every client need must be met. 

It boasts all the special features of our OSKA™ products, including the fire evacuation base, the anti-shear zones, heel relief slope and not least our V-GUARD™ Technology built into the cover.

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oska pressure care specialists


The OSKA™ cover features an anti-shear system that consists of the mattress cover having 3 shear transfer zones attached internally. This protects the patient against shearing when being handled or moved.

oska pressure care specialists


On Series6-V4, two-part bolster system directs user toward mattress centre, away from edge and siderail hazards.

oska pressure care specialists


The mattress is crafted with a decline at the foot end, this assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.

oska pressure care specialists


In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with our unique and innovative evacuation straps. Simply pull out the straps and secure your patient to the mattress using the velcro fasteners. Carry handles are located on the outer side of the mattress to allow you to move your patient safely.



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