Sylvie Hampton talks about patient repositioning


"...the nurses come and reposition them every 15 minutes.”

“I went to South Africa and went to a pressure care ward, where the people are young, they have horrendous pressure ulcers and they all heal. They heal even though they are on a dreadful mattress with no sheets……and these patients all heal. They heal because the nurses come and reposition them every 15 minutes.”

Sylvie Hampton



Patient repositioning to prevent pressure ulcers.

Top TVN Sylvie Hampton shares with us the importance of turning your patients frequently to reduce the risk of pressure sores/bedsores. This can be achieved with both alternating and pumpless mattresses, however, there are also pressure care mattresses that can assist nurses in turning their patients.

In the video below, Nurse consultant/ tissue viability expert Sylvie Hampton explains how her time in South Africa proved to her the importance of repositioning a patient and suggests how an OSKA™ Series5-V4L pressure care mattress can assist with the issue of patient turning.

The OSKA™ Series5-V4L pressure care mattress offers lateral rotation to nursing staff, as well as traditional alternate therapy. This can help your staff significantly with repositioning.

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"...we still need to reposition for comfort..."

A lot of people will say, ‘if you have a mattress that will automatically reposition every 15 minutes to half an hour, you will no longer be looking after your patients.

That is completely wrong because we still need to sit them up to eat, we still need to reposition for comfort and still need to take them to the toilet.

Sylvie Hampton