Introducing the OSKA® Regis Chair


The ultimate rise and recline chair.

For years the care industry has needed a chair that can offer extreme patient comfort and pressure relief whilst being easy to manoeuvre for care staff.

Combining postural support and pressure management, the OSKA Regis brings the ultimate solution for reducing pressure and shear forces.


In normal upright sitting, 50% of body weight is supported on only 8% body area. This leads to high interface pressure. Pressure is exerted as shown below: (Staas and Cioschi 1991)

75% through buttocks and thighs

19% through feet

4% through back

2% through arms




Excellent pressure relief



Interchangeable seat cushion

Easily replace the cushion for an alternative air cushion without changing the dimensions of the chair.




Reduces shear force by keeping the angle of the hips, knees and ankles in one position meaning the patient doesn’t move.



Posture support

Sitting upright is important to reduce pressure damage and help with breathing, circulation, digestion, spine and back.



Cushion options

Alternating air

Alternating air

Gel honeycomb

Gel honeycomb

Profile soft gel

Profile soft gel

Gel and memory foam

Gel and memory foam

Memory foam

Memory foam

Profile memory foam

Profile memory foam



Features and benefits



Easy to manoeuvre

The Regis comes with large casters to enable care staff to easily transport the patient to their favourite areas in your care environment.



Removable arm available

Removable arm option which enables side transfers out of the chair with minimal difficulty. Available on left hand, right hand or both.

cushion options.jpg


Choice of back cushion

Choose from either the lateral or waterfall back cushion. The lateral cushion gives more support to the patients torso.



Head support options

For added head support choose from a small head pillow, small profile head pillow or midline headrest.



For more information on the OSKA® Regis Chair ask OSKA

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