See the OSKA® Series5-V4L in action


Excellent pressure relief


Lateral tilt

Mattress provides automatic repositioning which reduces nursing time, increases patient comfort and releases carers to provide more social support to the patients.


4 way stretch hygiene covers

Designed to stretch in all directions so that you get the full benefit of the pressure relieving mattress.

heel slope website.jpg

Heel relief slope

Crafted with a decline at the foot end to assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.


safety edge.jpg

Safety edge

On Series5-V4L, two-part bolster system directs user toward mattress centre, away from edge and siderail hazards.


V-Guard™ Technology

Developed for demanding healthcare environments. Ultra stretch, extra strong, and excellent for infection control.


Fire evacuation base

In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with our unique innovative evacuation straps

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