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Welded seams

The V-GUARD™ covers have welded seams which are ingress proof, minimising any risk of harbouring viruses or bacteria and transmitting infections.

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4 way stretch

V-GUARD™ Technology provides multi-direction stretch which will conform to the contours of the patient and medical apparatus for maximum comfort.

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V-GUARD™ Technology mattress covers are flame retardant and are independently tested to ensure that they conform to UK Standards.

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Fluid proof

The V-GUARD™ mattress covers are waterproof and have been vigorously tested internally and independently to simulate the demanding conditions experienced in the healthcare sector.

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Easy clean

V-GUARD™ mattress covers are built to withstand the aggressive cleaning regimes used within the acute care environment. They can be easily wiped down or washed at 95 degrees Celsius.


Pressure care

V-GUARD™ mattress covers are designed to significantly reduce pressure ulcers. Our formulations reduce friction and help disperse moisture, both of which are major contributing factors to the formation of pressure ulcers.



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