Modular foam pressure care mattress.

OSKA Series1-H pressure care mattress enables organisations to provide an excellent all-round ‘High Risk’ rated mattress for all patients. Independent studies have shown that doing this gives long term cost savings to the organisation.

The modular foam cubes react independently to conform to the patient’s body, redistributing the pressure. The mattress can be turned periodically to increase its life span.

The mattress is designed to conform well on a profiling nursing bed but is also available in divan bed size to enable residential homes to provide pressure relief for residents. This proactive approach demonstrates going above and beyond the fight against pressure ulcers - prevention is better than cure!



Prevention rating: High Risk
Treatment: N/A
Mattress type: Replacement
Comfort rating: ★★★★


  • High risk rating

  • Modular foam

  • 4 way stretch covers

  • Ideal for use on profiling beds


Max. user weight: 213kg/33.5st
88x198x15cm (Profiling bed)
87x187x15cm (Divan bed)

OSKA® Series1-H Pressure Care Mattress_Modular Foam

Modular foam

The modular foam cubes react independently to conform to the patient's body, redistributing the pressure.

OSKA® Series1-H Pressure Care Mattress_OSKA Selector


With no clear algorithm or selection guide it can be difficult to know what mattress you should be selecting for your patients. To make this clear OSKA have devised a system, the OSKA Selector, to help carers identify if the patient is on the correct mattress. For more information on this click here.

OSKA® Series1-H Pressure Care Mattress_4 way stretch cover

4 way stretch cover

4 way stretch covers are designed to stretch in all directions so that you get the full benefit of the pressure relieving mattress.