Alternating air full replacement mattress.

This full replacement pressure relief system is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 4.

The outer cover is made from bi-elastic PU/Polyester coating which is a vapour permeable material and has elastic properties, allowing for interface movement to help lower the risk of shear damage.

The "easy-to-use" fully digital pump has very clear weight settings and alternating cycle settings.



Prevention rating: Very high risk
Treatment: Category 4
Mattress type: Replacement
Comfort rating:  ★★★ 


  • 20 air cells for increased comfort

  • Welded seams for infection control

  • CPR valve

  • Cable tidy to save damage to wires

  • Transport function

  • Static cells in head end

  • Quick connectors

  • Static mode

  • Auto firm mode

  • 2 part cells for protection against deflation

  • Anti deflation mode in event of power loss


Max. user weight: 175kg/27.5st
Sizes: 88x200x20cm

Pressure care mattress CPR valve


The CPR valve can be released when CPR is being performed. It quickly deflates the mattress giving a hard surface in order to carry out the procedure.

welded seams.jpg

welded seams 

Regular sewn seams are ideal for bacteria to grow in because of all the holes. Welded seams are melted or welded together using high frequency vibrations meaning there are no holes or gaps for bacteria to get into. This helps reduce the spreading of infection.

Pressure care mattress pump

fully digital pump 

The mattress will come deflated in a box which is a handy storage place for when the mattress is not in use


With no clear algorithm or selection guide it can be difficult to know what mattress you should be selecting for your patients. To make this clear OSKA have devised a system, the OSKA Selector, to help carers identify if the patient is on the correct mattress. For more information on this click here.



20 air cells for increased comfort

20 cells provide your patients with increased comfort while treating up to and including category 4 pressure damage.