Lateral tilt mattress. Ultimate comfort and lateral tilt therapy.

The Series5-V4L gives an alternating air and foam combination which provides exceptional comfort and support. Suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 4.

The mattress can be switched from alternating therapy to lateral rotation therapy which gently tilts the patient from side to side every 10 minutes, 5 minutes on either side, to alternate the pressure. This is ideal for palliative care or situations where manual turning is difficult. 

With all the OSKA special features including the anti-shear system to relieve the effects of shear on the skin and its patient safety edge to assist in the prevention of patient falls,  this is a true leader in its field of expertise and innovation.



Prevention rating: Very High Risk
Treatment: Category 4
Mattress type: Replacement
Comfort rating:  ★★★★★


  • Anti-shear system

  • Heel relief slope

  • Fire evacuation base

  • Safety edge

  • Welded seams for infection control

  • Transport function

  • Static mode

  • Auto firm mode

  • Lateral tilt

  • V-GUARD™ Technology cover


Max. user weight: 159kg/24st
Size: 89x198x18cm



Alternating therapy


Lateral tilt therapy

Lateral tilt

Predominantly pressure ulcers occur on bony prominences. It is best practice to tilt the patient off of those bony areas to relieve pressure.

These mattresses provide automatic repositioning which reduces the nursing time of turning each individual patient, increases patient comfort and releases carers to provide more social support to the patients.

Advantages for the patient:

An increase in patient comfort, reduction in risk of pressure ulcers.

Advantages for nursing staff:

Reduces nursing time of turning each individual patient.


pump top website.jpg
pump wesbsite.jpg

Easy to use pump


Alternate the inflation and deflation between the cells in an A/B pattern


Inflates all of the cells and keeps them at a consistent level without alternating the pressure.


In the case of consistent low pressure the pump will alert the carer. The alarm can then be reset after addressing the issue.


Enables you (the carer) enough time to reposition your patient before reverting back to alternating mode. It will feed the cells with maximum capacity of air and keep it at that level.


Image 1

Image 1

Image 2

Image 2

Safety edge

Reduce the risk of your patients falling with the mattresses safety edge.

A reinforced wall of foam around the outside the of mattress ensures that patients lying down (Image 1) are directed towards the mattress centre, away from the edge and side rail hazards.

Patients that seat themselves on the mattress (Image2) have their weight redistributed into the centre of the mattress. If the patient was to loose balance and fall the wall will help them fall back (onto the mattress) rather than forwards.


vguard website.jpg


The OSKA cover features an anti-shear system that consists of the mattress cover having 3 horizontal slide sheets attached internally. This protects the patient against shearing when being handled or moved.


The Geo-Matt style foam is engineered to reduce shear to underlying tissues, reduce heat build up and redistribute patient pressure. Over 800 individual articulating cells are anatomically sized to different areas of the body. Chambers underneath the foam topper help disperse of heat and moisture.

V-GUARD™ TecHnology

The cover is coated in a special formula to assist you with infection control. The covers technology will: withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, exhibit anti-decubitus properties, give improved durability, be REACH and RoHs compliant (July 2014) and improve patient comfort.

fire evacuation base

In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with our unique and innovative evacuation straps. Simply pull out the straps and secure your patient to the mattress using the velcro fasteners. Carry handles are located on the outer side of the mattress to allow you to move your patient safely.

S5v4L selector dot.jpg


With no clear algorithm or selection guide it can be difficult to know what mattress you should be selecting for your patients. To make this clear OSKA have devised a system, the OSKA Selector, to help carers identify if the patient is on the correct mattress. For more information on this click here.