OSKA mattresses and infection prevention and control (IPC).

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and health workers.

Although many of the restrictions put in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19 have now been lifted, the threat of catching it is still out there. And let’s not forget all the other bugs that we normally catch on a yearly basis, like the common cold!

Since COVID-19 began, there have been updates to IPC requirements such as wearing the appropriate PPE, washing your hands including forearms and social distancing.

Take a proactive approach to preventing infections from occurring by assessing the risks that may derail IPC efforts. Some common examples of infection control risks which can lead to significant harm to the patient and staff are:

  • Lack of hand hygiene
  • Unsafe injection practices
  • Poor cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation of instruments and scopes
  • Inadequate environmental cleaning

OSKA pressure care mattresses are medical devices and residents and staff come into direct contact with them on a daily basis. Not only have they been designed to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers but due to the nature of the environments they are used in and the vulnerability of the people who use them, they have to meet high IPC standards.

Below are some of the ways we help you to meet these IPC standards:

V-GUARD Technology
The mattress covers use V-GUARD technology which provides an impenetrable barrier to viruses and bacteria. They have welded seams that are ingress proof, minimising any risk of harbouring viruses or bacteria and transmitting infections. They can be easily cleaned and decontaminated, by simply wiping down regularly with today’s cleaning products or with a solution of up to 10,000 ppm of active chlorine. The covers are machine washable to 95 degrees celsius and can be tumble dried. They are also waterproof and have been vigorously tested internally and independently to simulate the demanding conditions experienced in the healthcare sector. 

Replaceable parts
If your cover gets compromised by sharp instruments it will allow fluids to pass through and contaminate the foam or cells underneath. If this happens, you don’t need to replace the whole mattress but instead can just replace certain elements. This means you can have clean mattresses without high costs.

Decon service
There’s no one rule for decontamination, it just depends on the state of your mattress. Mattresses should be sent for decontamination if they are heavily soiled or when a patient is discharged or leaves your care facility.

For long term care settings, where the same resident has been on the mattress for a long period of time, it is important that it is checked regularly to ensure they are kept clean to minimise bacteria from building up.

For more information on servicing please contact the OSKA servicing team.

Infection prevention and control has always been a top priority in care environments and since the addition of COVID-19, and the updates to IPC requirements, purchasing equipment which is designed to help with IPC is a must.

For more information on infection prevention and control or for any other product/service enquiries please speak to one of the OSKA team.

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