Positioning Aids

Posture support and pressure relief.

Made from very light polystyrene micro-beads, each cushion enhances both comfort and adaptability for the user. Our positioning aids are covered in a waterproof, vapour permeable multi-stretch cover. Positioning systems are increasingly being used as a preventative treatment for pressure ulcers.


OSKA® Pressure Care Cylinder Cushion

Cylinder cushion

Ø 20 x 60cm


OSKA® Pressure Care Abduction cushion for knees

Abduction cushion for knees

62 x 32cm

OSKA® Pressure Care Decubitus Cushion

Decubitus positioning cushion

180 x 54cm

OSKA® Pressure Care Circular cushion

Circular cushion

50 x 50cm

OSKA® Pressure Care universal cushion large

Universal cushion, large

56 x 40cm