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We have had the OSKA™ Series5-V4L lateral tilt mattress on loan for over a month now. On receiving the mattress a patient was chosen who was admitted with a grade 2 sacral pressure sore. The only position she could get comfortable was on her back, she was in a great deal of pain if she moved so spent most of her time on her back, sat up in bed.

The staff felt that her pressure sore would have deteriorated and become a higher grade, but this did not happen, the pressure sore improved whilst on the mattress.

Senior Sister

Dr Kershaws Hospice

OSKA™ were awarded a three-year Contract to supply pressure mattresses and other pressure care products by The Orders of St John Care Trust Equipment Group.  Obvious commitment to care, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of pressure care issues in addition to supplying a wide range of superior pressure care products were all deciding factors. 

During the past year, OSKA™ has made a considerable effort to get to know our Care Homes and understand the types of pressure care management issues that arise, and they have been able to fulfil orders for pressure care products swiftly.

Procurement Manager

The Orders of St Johns Care Trust