OSKA® Pressure Care Experts Training Packages



Delivered by our tissue viability nurses and CQC Specialist Advisor, these training packages will always reflect the most current information and practices.


Pressure Care Prevention

This comprehensive 2-hour session gives a good understanding of pressure ulcers, pressure care and the tools that support it. It includes the basic anatomy and physiology of pressure ulcers; grading; grey areas; Root Cause Analysis (RCA); SSKIN principles, and care planning.


Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Over half a day, we look at why we investigate, what and who it involves, and how to gather information. We discuss the history of RCAs and how to use the RCA findings to inform actions and future practice — including how to make this sustainable in the climate of change. 

Pressure Care Prevention
& Treatment

This session builds on the 2-hour Prevention training and goes further to include the different elements of pressure ulcer treatment. We look at: basic wound care treatment, wound management guidelines, dressing types and clinical indictions for use. We also learn about grading pressure ulcers, and appropriate pressure relieving equipment.


Full SSKIN bundle & Audit, Quality Improvement Partnership Package 

We provide Tissue Viability Nurse/Champion support to launch and implement the SSKIN bundle. All documentation can be used or embedded into your own documentation, including: SSKIN checklist; food/fluid balance; reposition chart; and safety cross audit tool. Full training will be given to staff prior to launch and on launch day.