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Price vs. Quality

You need a new bariatric care bed for a specific resident. You need new seating for your hospice day room. You need a mattress that can help prevent and treat pressure ulcers. This could all be costly but do you choose the cheapest option or go for the high-quality product that may initially cost you a bit more?

Everyone is working to a budget and we understand that. However, often if something’s cheap now, it can end up costing you more in the long run.

Spending wisely on the right products by offering a high specification product with features that target multiple aspects of the care experience as well as being longer lasting and reusable for different needs can massively benefit your residents in your care environment and your long-term costs. 

Providing your resident with a good quality of life is at the forefront of all good care home owners minds and good equipment can help provide this for your resident as well as offering ease of use to your care staff. 

When buying care equipment, it is wise not to buy the cheapest version as this could lead to expensive servicing and maintenance costs as well as frequent replacement. Investing in quality can help prevent you from running into the unexpected costs further down the line.

Price and quality are the 2 main factors to consider when buying equipment for your care environment. Of course, manage your costs, but be smart, spend a little more and save in the long term. 

In some cases, the price of a product is irrelevant and there is no benefit from buying the more expensive version. However, in other cases it certainly pays to spend a little more. For example, when buying a dishwasher, you may find 2 that are very similar yet one will be priced exceptionally higher than the other. One is made poorly, it’s noisy, it leaks, parts break easily and there is no guarantee. The other is well made, exceeds your expectations, it’s guaranteed, robust, and lasts you years! A product like this warrants the extra spend and will save you in costs later on.

The same can be said when buying healthcare products. Not only is it important for your budget it’s vital for your residents’ physical and mental health, your staff and your quality of care. Find a provider that understands this mindset and who are proud of the quality they provide and willing to work with your budget to get the best options for you.