Our pressure care solutions

We are specialists in pressure care, with products and tailored partnerships that uniquely achieve the best clinical, comfort and cost solutions for all healthcare settings.

Our pressure care solutions help healthcare professionals prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Through clinical care and comfort, we help to improve the quality of life for all patients in hospitals and hospices, as well as residents in long term care settings.

Pressure care mattresses

With more than 25 years’ experience and expertise in delivering best in the world specialist pressure care mattresses, OSKA offers improved clinical outcomes and next-level comfort for patients and individuals, wherever they may be. A personalised experience for each patient, catering to individual needs from low to very high risk pressure area care.

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Pressure care seating

Combining outstanding pressure relief characteristics, all OSKA chairs are designed to offer extreme patient comfort and pressure relief. As the experts in pressure care, our extensive range ensures the best possible pressure relief is given for residents in long term care home settings and patients within hospice and hospital settings.

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Profiling beds

Extensive range of profiling care and nursing beds for care homes, hospices, hospitals, mental health units. From acute care to homely and welcoming designs, the range also includes floor beds and bariatric beds.

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Bariatric care

Obese patients have an increased risk of pressure ulcers and maintaining skin integrity is vital. OSKA pressure care solutions offer improved pressure redistribution to deliver the right support to any patient or resident with a higher weight.

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OSKA Hercules Patient Repositioner

Move patients back up the bed at the touch of a button, reducing staff input & time required for repositioning.
Eliminate recognised ‘barriers’ for not moving patients Saves 1.5hr+ per nurse per day.
Eliminate nursing back & other MSK injuries to hands, wrists, elbows & other joints.
Improved patient care.

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Falls protection

Reducing harms & falls injuries in patients & residents.

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Cushions & Aids

Pressure care cushions, wedges & accessories designed for enhanced pressure area care comfort. Choose from pressure relieving alternating pressure, gel and foam cushions for chairs to aid in the prevention of sacral ulcers, booties or turning wedges to offload pressure.

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Bed washer

The only choice to meet today’s demand for fast, effective and efficient processing, delivering ‘100/100’ outcomes (100% safety / 100% of the time).

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