OSKA Hercules Patient Repositioner

Move your patient back up the bed at the touch of a button.


   Reduce nurse burnout & fatigue

   100% reduction in nurse injuries

   Improves clinical outcomes


 Watch Hercules in action below

“In my 51-year nursing career, this innovation is one that I believe most positively changed the hospitalization experience for patients and the daily life and work of nurses.”
Tonya Heim, RN, MHA – VP Patient Care Services & CNO

“I am not aware of any other product in healthcare that provides hospitals and their administration with such a favourable nurse recruiting and retention tool.”
Jodi Pahl, RN-BC, MSN – Regional Chief Nursing Executive

Manual tugging and pulling associated with traditional boosting is eliminated using Hercules since it can be accomplished by simply pushing a button. This is the standard we want for the safety of our staff – no injuries!
Tavia Buck, MSN, MHA, RN, NE-BC – CNO & Chief Administrative Officer

The problem

When a patient’s head of bed is elevated, patients slide down the bed. This increases pressure on the sacrum and heels leading to an increased risk of pressure ulcer development.

Manually repositioning the patient up the bed is one of the most physical tasks in a nurse’s day, leading to burnout and back injury.

So what’s the solution?

The OSKA Hercules Patient Repositioner moves your patient back up the bed at the touch of a button.

Nurse retention

Reduces nurse burnout & fatigue
Saves 1hr+ per nurse per day**
Nursing career extended by 5+ years
Improves valuable nursing efficiencies
50%+ reduction in nurse exposure to infection

**On average, nurses move patients back up the bed approx. 10 times per shift, each time taking 7-10 mins. Across a 12 hour shift this amounts to between 70-100 mins.

Eliminate nurse back injuries

100% elimination of nursing back injuries
Simple ‘one-button-one-nurse’ operation
Moves patients back up the bed
Efficient 10-second repositioning
Suitable for patients up to 339.7kg / 53.5st

Patient safety

No manual pulling, tugging & unsafe lifting
Eliminates shear & friction to vulnerable areas
25%+ reduction in HAPUs
Improved patient clinical outcomes
Patient repositioned with covers
Protected dignity, no exposure


Improved pressure care

Enables patients to be correctly positioned avoiding pressure build up when they are slumped in bed.

Fully integrated into world class pressure care mattresses for maximum pressure distribution, micro-climate management, driving an 86% reduction in HAPUs*.

*Average HAPU outcome experienced at Reid Health, The Christ Hospital and Memorial Hospital

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