Advanced hospital bed not only for day-to-day care, but Intensive Care Units too

Specification at a glance

Safe working load
Max. user weight
Height adjustment
External bed dimensions
99.7 x 219cm
Under bed clearance
Mattress platform dimensions
87 x 200cm
Finish Colours
Snow White
Silver Grey
Baltic Sea
Valley Oak
Global Beach
Noce Lyon
Mattress base (cm)
87 x 200
Customisable components
Safety sides
Optional extras
Operational controls
Castor wheels
Brake pedals
Under bed light

A premium profiling bed adaptable for all care environments

The comfortable and cost-effective Evario from Stiegelmeyer is an acute hospital bed specifically designed with a patient’s needs in mind. Suitable for day-to-day patient care, intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery, the Evario offers intuitive usability, easy manoeuvrability and exceptional hygiene properties. Its modern control options are particularly attractive. The split safety side is easy to operate and comes with excellent hygienic properties.

2 year warranty
High safe working load
Large height adjustment
German engineered
Easy to operate LCD
Optional 5th castor


Height adjustment: 35-91cm
Safe working load: 260kg

Maximum user weight: 250kg
External bed dimensions: 99.7 x 219cm
Mattress platform dimensions: 87 x 200cm

Underbed clearance: 17cm
Reverse-Trendelenburg: 15°

Warranty: 2 years

    • The integrated 28cm bed extension stands out with its ease of use.

    • Faster access to the patient due to removable head and footboards.

    • In an emergency, the CPR position can be set instantly with a lever on the backrest.

    • At only 32cm, the lowest position of the bed promotes fall prevention.

    • The split Protega safety side and the handrails running all round the bed foster patient mobility. Patients can get up by themselves and have a handrail available all round to hold onto.

    • Changing the angle of the bed to 30° reduces brain pressure, relieves strain on the heart and facilitates breathing.

    • The optional integrated control panel includes control options for patients, nurses and technicians.
    • The Evario bed has been tested far beyond industry standards and is a good cost-effective investment for the future.

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