Pressure Care Cushions & Accessories

OSKA’s range of pressure care cushions, wedges and accessories is designed for enhanced pressure area care comfort for patients and residents in long term care settings.

Choose from pressure relieving alternating pressure, gel and foam cushions for your chairs to aid in the prevention of sacral ulcers, or turning wedges to offload pressure and falls alarm crash mats.

Cushions & Wedges

Simple to use, quick to put in place, delivering invaluable medical assistance.

OSKA Patient Turning Wedges

Reduce shear, friction and pain when turning patients

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OSKA Snuggle Positioning Cushion

‘Snuggle’ cushion to enhance comfort, offloading and repositioning

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SeriesC Visco

Modular foam cushion combining stability with a high level of comfort

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OSKA SeriesC Air

Alternating air cushion

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Repose Bootie

Designed to minimise the risk of pressure damage to heels by off-loading

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Sleep-Knit Bedding

Pressure care bedding to reduce shear and friction

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Bed Bumpers

Full length bumpers with wipe clean cover.

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Net Insert Bed Bumpers

Providing safe protection for users in bed

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Fall Alarms & Mats

Provide a safe and reliable way of monitoring those in care.

Falls Alarm Mattress System

Unique air system providing a safe and reliable way of monitoring those in care

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Chair Alarm System

Pressure-sensitive mat to alert to chair leaving

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Floor Alarm System

Pressure-sensitive mat alerts to foot pressure

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Tri-Folding Fall Mat

Minimise the risk of the user being injured

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OSKA Mattress Underlay

Used as a protective layer between bed and overlay air pressure mattress

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