OSKA Align

The contemporary OSKA Align chair ensures patients and residents retain postural alignment, whilst providing exceptional pressure care relief.

Contemporary postural alignment and pressure relief chair

Regardless of age and mobility, the majority of people often sit incorrectly resulting in slumping, poor postural alignment and increased pressure through vulnerable parts of the body. Sitting properly requires effort by an individual – the pelvis is the most important part of the body as the foundation of good posture and alignment. It becomes harder to sit properly when combined with the challenges of age, immobility, and disability. 

When combined with unsuitable seating, a poor sitting posture can cause and/or exacerbate both physical and medical conditions, with far reaching consequences on the body, quality of life and overall well-being. 

Patients and long-term care residents often benefit from a high specification pressure care mattress, but when out of bed, may sit in a hard and unforgiving chair with little or no postural support or pressure relief, thus undoing the benefits of an excellent pressure care mattress. This results in: 

Increased pressure ulcers
Poor postural alignment
No height adjustment

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