A new generation of handset for your residents.

Movement and mobility have a positive impact on many areas of care and have a preventive effect. SafeLift  is a unique, wireless mobilisation aid for your residents that significantly relieves your caregivers.



  • No cable, no battery

  • Simple bed operation

  • Individuality for each resident

  • Easy installation and retrofitting

  • Maximum mobility

OSKA® Pressure Care accessories_SafeLift Pressure Care Accessories_no cable

No cable, no battery

SafeLift sends radio signals and thanks to state-of-the-art technology it needs no cable or battery:

  • Installation without tools on any SafeFree® side rail

  • Fall prevention - no risk of tripping because of hanging cables

  • Position of the SafeLift can be set individually for each resident

OSKA® Pressure Care accessories_SafeLift Pressure Care Accessories_Bed operation

Simple bed operation

SafeLift enables the most frequently used "backrest" and "bed height" adjustment functions, thus facilitating safe, independent and intuitive mobilisation:

  • Accessible from the lying position, individually positionable and usable as a mobilisation support

  • Large buttons, haptic and fluorescent highlighted

  • Fixed position, therefore easy to find

  • Excellent ergonomics

  • Additional benefit for the nursing staff for routine tasks, nursing care functions are as usual available via handset

OSKA® Pressure Care accessories_SafeLift Pressure Care Accessories

Individuality for each resident

The position of SafeLift on the bed can be flexibly adjusted to the individual needs of each resident and can thus be used optimally by the resident at any time:

  • 360° rotatable

  • Suitable for right and left-handers

  • Suitable for right and left risers

  • Use of multiple SafeLift controllers on 1 bed, depending on the needs of the resident

  • Compatible with SafeSense

OSKA® Pressure Care accessories_SafeLift Pressure Care Accessories_installation

Easy installation and retrofitting

SafeLift can be retrofitted for wissner-bosserhoff care beds* and is flexibly usable:

  • Regardless of bed type

  • For beds with SafeFree® side guards

  • Tool-free attachment to the handrail

  • Compatible with SafeSense®
    * Exceptions: carisma 300, sentida 1-p /4-p, sentida 7-i

OSKA® Pressure Care accessories_SafeLift Pressure Care Accessories_mobility

Maximum mobility

SafeLift promotes the individual mobilisation of the residents:

  • Better orientation at night

  • Safe grip when standing up and getting up

  • Fewer staff calls for bed adjustment

  • Automatic night light