An audit allows you to easily identify products no longer ‘fit for purpose’ and will ensure you will always have the most effective equipment in use. Auditing can also detect areas of risk in relation to infection control, with clear documentary evidence will demonstrating the steps being taken to mitigate risk.

We understand that pressure relief management is an essential part of care which is why we offer a range of auditing options to our customers.

Option 1

We offer a FREE audit tool which can be downloaded and printed in-house for staff to complete whilst conducting their audits.

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Option 2

We also offer the audit tool as an online form which can be completed on a phone or tablet with results auto-populating a spreadsheet.

Contact our knowledgeable technical support team who will be happy to assist you.

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Option 3

As part of our Independent Audit Service, our expert team will conduct the audit on your behalf and provide detailed feedback and data showing the condition of your equipment to help you make informed decisions.

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