Follow the mattress recycling journey

Each year an astonishing 167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill across the UK and that’s not something we are willing to ignore here at OSKA.

With climate change high on our list of priorities, we are working with an established and trusted partner to divert, recycle and repurpose mattress materials not only to create a sustainable and circular economy for mattresses and their component parts, but also to help our clients offset their carbon footprint.

Follow the mattress recycling journey below…

Arrange a collection

Step 1 – disposal

With the overarching goal being to prevent 100% of mattresses being sent to landfil, the customer disposal is booked.

OSKA’s customers place an order for their mattresses to be collected and recycled.

Step 2 – collection

OSKA works with trusted recycling partners and can arrange nationwide collection of mattresses for recycling. Our handpicked trusted hauliers ensure minimal carbon footprint.

The secure chain of custody starts at the point of collection with a completed waste transfer note. Whether collected by others or OSKA, the mattresses are booked in and upon arrival are put through a waste acceptance procedure.

Step 3 – processing

Once the waste acceptance procedure is completed, your old and disused mattresses are fed into process lines.

Mattresses are dismantled into as many as 19 different component parts by a skilled recycling team.

Step 4 – sanitisation

Mattresss materials are segregated ready for sanitisation and processing.

Step 5 – recycling

  1. Foams are reprocessed into new product in-house
  2. Textiles are blended and baled ready for transferring onward to industry as raw materials for further manufacturing
  3. Zips and metal parts are baled up to pass onto scrap metal merchants
  4. Plastics and non-recyclable materials are sustainably disposed of

Step 6 – new products

Recycled materials are used in newly manufactured products sold into industry, completing the circular economy system.

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