Pressure ulcer prevention and treatment – training to change lives

Delivered by our Clinical Support Manager and Tissue Viability Nurses, our training packages will always reflect the most current information and practices.

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Introducing Faith Slater, RN BSc (Hons), our Clinical Support Nurse

Faith has worked in adult care since 2004, beginning her career as a Healthcare Assistant in the care home sector. It was here she discovered her love of nursing, igniting her passion for skin. With a First Class Honours Degree in Adult Nursing, Faith joined St. Wilfrid’s Hospice in Chichester in 2017 to gain a solid foundation of excellence in end-of-life nursing care as well as driving the need for more and better training on pressure area care, as well as nursing complex pressure ulcers.
Faith’s work is dedicated to raising awareness and influencing change in practice in the community and long-term care settings across all nursing and non-nursing disciplines.

At the Hospice, my fellow nurses would always humour my need to always see ‘bottoms’. I am passionate about pressure area care and prevention, driving the need for the entire nursing team to be vigilant in the care of their patients’ skin. I am so determined to champion change in the way pressure ulcers are reported and cared for. I believe all healthcare professionals have a responsibility to the people they care for to monitor their skin and look for even the slightest skin changes.”

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OSKA Academy Courses

90 min CQC ‘Journey to Outstanding’

This 90-minute session covers the main aspects of Pressure Ulcer prevention benchmarked next to the KLOEs, and fundamental standards set by CQC and the NICE guidelines. It also covers creating a ‘culture of change’.


Senior staff, directors and owners

2hr Pressure Ulcer Prevention

This session is geared towards carers and front-line staff of all disciplines including AHPs. It covers basic anatomy and physiology of Pressure Ulcers, grading, grey areas e.g. vascular, diabetic conditions, Root Cause Analysis (brief overview), aSSKINg principles and care planning.

This course is very popular, and where we are getting most of our champion sign ups.


Carers and front-line staff of all disciplines, including AHPs

4hr Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment

This session builds on the 2hr Pressure Ulcer Prevention training and goes further to include the different elements of pressure ulcer treatment.

We look at basic wound care treatment, dressing types and clinical indications for use, wound management guidelines, grading pressure ulcers, case examples, pressure relieving equipment.


Carers and front-line staff of all disciplines, including AHPs

Pressure Care Audit

On site audit of a Care Home to undertake an assessment of current pressure care practices, knowledge and documentation, as well as an audit of existing pressure damage.


Senior staff, directors and owners

Half-day Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Training

Organisations are encouraged to internally investigate acquired pressure ulcers; this helps establish any gaps in care and facilitate a healthy learning environment and staff inclusion in quality improvement.

This can be done in conjunction with duty of candour and transparency. Our Tissue Viability Nurses have completed their RCA training at the national patient safety agency NPSA and can help you apply the RCA model to your care setting.

Looking at why we investigate, what it involves, template investigation examples, history of RCAs, how to complete a RCA, who to involve, how to information gather, how to use the RCA findings to inform actions and future practice, how to make this sustainable in the current climate.


Senior nurses, managers and owners

2-day aSSKINg Bundle & Improvement Implementation Training

This is a two-day full support or ‘train the trainer’ workshop, training identified champions. This is for homes wishing to sign up to using the gold standard aSSKINg bundle. This workshop comes with a TVN/Champion support to launch and implement the bundle.

All documentation you can use or embed with own documentation including, aSSKINg checklist, food/fluid balance, repositioning chart, safety cross audit tool.

Full training will be given to staff prior to launch and on launch day.


Senior staff, directors and owners, nurses and HCAs

CQC Care Deep Dive

This is a full day ‘mock CQC specialist advisor inspection’ looking at Pressure Ulcer Prevention. Benchmarked next to the KLOEs, and fundamental standards set by CQC and the NICE guidelines, this session offers a subjective deep-dive into pressure ulcer practices, and how to create a ‘culture of change’.

A full feedback report and recommendations, measured against Gold Standard Practice, is given.

Benefits of this day:

  • provides a clear assessment of the standard of care
  • identifies good practice and areas for improvement
  • provides benchmarking and evaluation
  • preparation for a real inspection


Senior staff, directors and owners
  • Thank you so much for attending and speaking at the managers’ meeting yesterday. It was a fantastic presentation and your knowledge and passion shone through. Feedback in relation to your presentation was the most positive that I have seen.

    Louise Barnett Operations Director, Balhousie Care Group
  • The webinar was not at all salesy. Really useful sharing of ideas and knowledge. I’ll definitely attend the next one!

    Director of Quality & Governance Care Home Group
  • The Clinical Nurse Advisor conveyed her passion and enthusiasm about the topic so well and was extremely knowledgeable about pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. It really heightened my awareness of pressure ulcer prevention and the need to ‘offload and alert’.

    Healthcare Support Worker Children’s Hospice
  • The training was so relatable to current practice. They were clearly expert in their knowledge on the subject and related well together. The session flowed well and they kept the listener engaged.

    Hospice Nurse