Case Studies

St. Joseph’s Hospice finds new found comfort for patients

Debbie Pegram, Matron at St. Joseph’s Hospice

St. Joseph’s is a really nice place to work. People often think of hospices as a really sad place and a difficult environment to work in but St Joseph’s a happy and vibrant place, offering specialist palliative care to patients at the end of their life who have symptoms, and are requiring respite care

The Hospice were experiencing an increase in category one and two hospice acquired pressure ulcers. They started to research a specification mattress with comfort as a priority. They contacted OSKA for help. Watch the video to find out more:

Debbie Pegram, Matron

We had a 24 year old lady in for end of life care who’d previously been on an alternating mattress. She was quite emaciated and when she used the OSKA mattress she said it was the best night’s sleep she’d had for about six months

Debbie Pegram, Matron at St. Jospeh’s Hospice