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Suggestions for Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

You’re at the front line, checking clients all the time, 24/7, observing and catching any changes in your client’s skin conditions. You’re the first there and we value it!

You might well ask… “What more can we do to prevent skin breakdown?” It’s seen all too often! 

We often work with clients who have acquired their ulcers in hospital, presenting difficulties for the client, their comfort, holistic well-being and a long road for the team to bring in relief and healing. 

Ever thought of a ‘suggestions box’ in your organisation? Labelled… 

Suggestions for Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

We need each other. There is great benefit in getting all the team involved. You might find the chef comments on diet, a relative suggests regarding a different activity, a carer has a light-bulb moment, or a very simple idea from a Nurse could transform a patient’s life! 

A collaborative and open approach, always sharing learning and ideas, getting everyone involved in the solution. A policy of ‘open conversation’ will help teams develop and grow. Perhaps training, for all the team… are they up to speed?

Promote a culture that appreciates input at all levels, suggestions from all the team and see your team grow fast in accountability and improved outcomes.

OSKA TVN Siobhan Mccoulough supports this idea of sharing ideas and recently wrote a clinical blog on the importance of sharing challenges and successes in avoidable harms. Learning from others, whether it be through their mistakes or experiences can all lead to our mission of changing lives. Read the blog here.