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Top tips for keeping foam mattresses odour free

Foam mattresses make for an extremely comfortable and cost-effective pressure relieving device, but time and again we are asked how to keep the foam clean and odour free. Mattresses get a lot of use and are exposed to numerous elements which, in clinical environments are often unavoidable, and can contribute to odour build up.

OSKA foam mattresses are designed with this in mind. They come with our V-Guard Technology covers which provide a variety of features. The coating on the covers provides waterproof protection and the seams are welded instead of stitched so no liquid will pass through the cover or seams, contaminating the foam beneath. This will keep the mattress foam clean but odours may still pass through. This is because, although the covers are waterproof, they are vapour permeable, which is an important requirement in order to prevent moisture build up and contribute to the start of pressure ulcers. In order to keep your cover clean and minimise odours transmitting to the foam, you can wash the cover at 95 degrees Celsius and tumble dry or simply wipe down with a solution made of up to 10,000ppm of chlorine.

The skin microclimate (temperature, humidity and airflow next to the skin surface) must be kept cool and dry to help prevent pressure ulcers from forming. The OSKA Series2 mattress for example incorporates 2 layers of foam, the base foam and then a top layer of foam called Aerolite. The Aerolite foam makes up the Offloader feature and so is a highly responsive, comfortable foam layer. It is breathable and has microclimate properties so the air can circulate through the foam and work with the breathable cover to allow the air to flow underneath the body minimising odour build up and providing effective pressure relief.

By incorporating the above features into this product, it helps prevent odours from building up. However, just like any bedding, if it is not properly maintained and cleaned it will start to smell. Why not follow our quick step guide to keeping your mattresses odour free:

  1. Wash the cover at 95 degrees Celsius regularly
  2. Place the foam in a well-ventilated room to let it air out whilst covers are being washed
  3. Spray the foam with Odel Odel Odour is specially formulated to eliminate odours in the air and on fabrics instantly. It eliminates odours associated with urine, sweat, mildew, soiled laundry, smoke, faecal and organic matter
  4. Check the mattress and cover regularly. If the cover is compromised you risk fluid passing though to the mattress foam. See our Audit Tool for more information.
  5. If you have really stubborn odours, or if your cover becomes compromised and fluids pass through, you do not need to replace the whole mattress, the top Aerolite foam and the cover can be replaced separately

It is important to look after your mattress by following these cleaning guidelines and ensuring it is not pierced with any sharp objects.

For more information on replacement parts for your mattress or on ways to keep your mattress clean and odour free contact the pressure care experts.