OSKA Pressure Care Experts Nurse
OSKA Pressure Care Experts 3c concept

OSKA give you the products, knowledge, and on-going tools and support to make pressure care an intrinsic and cost-effective part of your organisation’s culture of care. Even at a time when funding is decreasing and litigation is on the rise.

Our holistic, cost-effective and sustainable approach to pressure care, includes:

  • Specialist pressure care products

  • Product financing and maintenance

  • CQC Journey to Outstanding workshop

  • Mock CQC Inspection

  • QI Sustainability tools

  • Pressure Care training

  • Care Champion Network

  • Bi-annual review and consultancy

The OSKA 3C Concept

We know that every patient is different and their needs have to be met within often limited budgets, so we use our 3Cs Concept to help you deliver the highest standards of care.

OSKA Pressure Care Specialists clinical


  • Outstanding performance

  • Prevention is better than cure

  • Focus on shear and pressure reduction

  • OSKA in-house clinical expertise

OSKA Pressure Care Specialists comfort


  • Patient comfort is paramount

  • Ideal for palliative and dementia care

  • Holistic care

  • Eliminate non-compliance

OSKA Pressure Care Specialists cost


  • Cost-efficiency

  • Controlled buying

  • Reduce use of expensive mattresses

  • Reduce electricity, servicing and repair costs

  • Reduce risk of litigation costs



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