OSKA Pressure Care Experts challenges

There’s no escaping the fact that care needs are becoming more complex — at a time when funding is becoming squeezed.


This impacts staffing, training and daily operational issues, as well as equipment purchases, maintenance and repairs. Hospitals are choosing homes with evidenced pressure care management, and cases of litigation are escalating — with costly consequences.

It can be difficult to balance sustained high-quality care within the context of these increasing challenges. Rather than firefighting as issues arise, a well-thought-out holistic approach, tailored to the specific needs of your setting, is the most cost-effective route to a sustainable and relevant solution.

OSKA’s services and products are a result of our considerable experience in this field and are supported by our in-house Tissue Viability Nurses and CQC Specialist Advisor . Partnering with us brings considerable benefits designed to help you meet today’s challenges, including:

  • Special pricing

  • Product rationalisation & consistency

  • Controlled buying

  • Specialist support

  • Training rebates

  • Bi-annual review

OSKA Pressure Care Experts support

We give you the knowledge, tools and support to make pressure care part of your culture.


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